Founded in 1975

Dedicated to the Study of Presbyterian History and Reformed History

Annual Conference

Knox College
Saturday, September 28th, 9:30 - 3:30

All is not study at Ewart College.
Picture and Caption from T. M.Bailey, The Covenant in Canada

The program will include the following papers:

Rev. Dr. Bob Anderson

“The Glasgow Colonial Society and the Rev. James Anderson”
Rev. Ritchie Robinson
“John Pringle: Minister of Highways”
Rev. Leslie Elizabeth King
“An Analysis of the Role of the Church in Swan Lake First Nation, Manitoba 1898 – 1998”
Dave Lee, Knox College
“First Nations’ Apology in the Making”
Anne McGillivray, Caven Library, Knox College
“Educating Baby Boomers: Sunday School Curriculum Recommendations
in The Presbyterian Church in Canada, 1940-1970”
Dr. Stuart Macdonald
Research update: “Presbyterian history: where we are and where we might be going”

The conference will be video-streamed.


Secretary, Ian Mason:
President, Dr. Stuart Macdonald:

A Video Playlist from Knox College's streaming service
of previous conference speakers.