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Dedicated to the Study of Presbyterian History and Reformed History

Annual Conference

Knox College
Saturday, September 28th, 9:30 - 3:30

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All is not study at Ewart College.
Picture and Caption from T. M.Bailey, The Covenant in Canada

Rev. Dr. Bob Anderson

“The Glasgow Colonial Society and the Rev. James Anderson”
Rev. Ritchie Robinson
“John Pringle: Minister of Highways”
Rev. Leslie Elizabeth King
“An Analysis of the Role of the Church in Swan Lake First Nation, Manitoba 1898 – 1998”
Dave Lee, Knox College
“First Nations’ Apology in the Making”
Anne McGillivray, Caven Library, Knox College
“Educating Baby Boomers: Sunday School Curriculum Recommendations
in The Presbyterian Church in Canada, 1940-1970”
Dr. Stuart Macdonald
Research update: “Presbyterian history: where we are and where we might be going”


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