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Annual Conference

2022 CSPH Annual Conference

Saturday, September 24, 2022 - 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

A Sampler of Song and Doctrine,
Music Camp and Missionary Societies


We are pleased to announce that the progam for this year’s conference of the Canadian Society of Presbyterian History has been set.  Please find the list of presenters and their Papers below.

This will be a hybrid conference.  We’re hoping to have as many people as possible attend in person in Room 4 of Knox College, realizing that others will join us via zoom.

Dr. Stuart Macdonald, President

Rev. Dr. Stuart Macdonald
Rev. Dr. Stuart Macdonald
CSPH President

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2022 Program

Session 1 – Music Themes

Angus Sutherland (via Zoom) Presbyterian Music Camp: 50 Years of Harmony Ian McKechnie “The 1972 Book of Praise: 50 years on”

Questions & Comments Session

Session 2 – WMS Themes

Stacey Mortson “The Women’s Missionary Society as a ‘New Culture’” Brian Graham “The Presbyterian Women’s Missionary Society and “Indian” Schools, 1914-1939”

Questions & Comments Session

Annual General Meeting

Session 3

Peter Bush
“The (Non) Impact of the Declaration of Faith Concerning Church and Nation”

Video Recording of the

2021 Conference

At the Blackboard - Bernard spelling his name
"At the Blackboard - Bernard spelling his name" - Cecelia Jeffrey Indian Residential School, Kenora
Credit: "The Glad Tidings." Women's Missionary Society, Western Division,
The Presbyterian Church in Canada

Dr. Mel Bailey Bursary Recipient
Stacey Mortson

The CSPH Executive is pleased to announce that Stacey Mortson has been awarded as the 2022 Dr. Mel Bailey Bursary.

Stacey is a fourth year student in the Summer Distance Program at Atlantic School of Theology. She is completing her Supervised Ministry Experience at Trinity Centennial United Church in Rosemont, Ontario. Being a seminarian is how she is enjoying her “second act” after having been a CPA CMA in the hospital world for many years.

Originally from Englehart, then Pembroke for 30 years, she now lives in Alliston, ON. Besides being busy with studies and congregational work, Stacey and her husband, Rob Montminy, are very much embracing their new roles as Grandparents to Liam.

We will look forward to hearing her Paper, “The Women’s Missionary Society as a ‘New Culture’.”


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President, Dr. Stuart Macdonald: